DeWalt DWS709 Review: Buy or Not?

DeWalt DWS709 Review

This DeWalt DWS709 review will help you decide whether or not to buy a new, high-end table saw. I have been using the tool for over 6 months and have compiled my thoughts in this post. We’ll cover all of the important features that make it one of the best tables saw on the market today.

DeWalt DWS709 Review & Features

DeWalt has always been a company known for its high-quality tools. They are one of the biggest and best manufacturers out there, We will cover some of the features that make this product unbeatable.

Size And Construction

The first thing you’ll notice about the DWS709 is how big it is. It covers a lot of ground and will make short work of any cutting job. The saw weighs 137lbs so portability isn’t an issue

One great feature is that the table tilts back to 45 degrees for bevel cuts on larger pieces, which can also be done with the flip-over blade guard included in this package.


The DWS709 has a powerful 15 amp motor that is capable of cutting through anything you throw at it. The blade is an inch and one-half deep which means even the toughest materials won’t stand in your way.

Another great feature about this saw is how easy it is to adjust for different angles, no matter if they are on the left side or right side. This saves time when making bevel cuts with all these features together makes this product one of the best table saws out there today.

Cutting Capacity

The DWS709 has a cutting capacity of two inches. This is the maximum thickness you can cut in one pass and still get good results.

The DWS709 is a great table saw for someone who needs to do a lot of different tasks on their workbench. The powerful motor and the adjustable angle allow you to cut anything without having it warp while cutting. Having this in your garage or workshop will make everything much easier when trying to build furniture, cabinets, trimming out flooring, etc.

User Experience

The user experience of this product is great. The bevel and angle adjustments are quick to adjust, but still provide a good level of accuracy in the cuts that you make with it. It’s also very easy to use which is an added bonus for anyone who doesn’t want to have any difficulties on their workbench or within their garage.

When using some other tools like Jigsaws, circular saws, and routers they can sometimes cause problems when cutting angles because they don’t give you the freedom that angled blades will give you without having them become warped while cutting something with curves in it (like trimming out corners).

This makes the DWS709 a must-have tool if you’re looking for precise cuts every time and not just one-time use.

The price is also worth mentioning as it’s not too expensive and if you break the blade (which with some blades can happen) then that will be included in your cost which is a nice feature because there are times when other tools might have the same kind of replacement parts but they’re actually meant to be sold separately for an added charge.

The only downside about this product would most likely come from people who prefer using a Sawzall or table saw because these types of cuts require more power than what this device provides on its own.


What Are The Key Differences Between The Dws709 And Dws779?

The DWS709 is a Sawzall with an adjustable blade that can be changed for different jobs. The DWS779 is the same as the dws709 but it has sliding rails on either side so you don’t have to pull them out when you’re using it horizontally instead of vertically.

What Is The Difference Between Dewalt Dws79 And Dws780?

The DWS79 is the same as DWS780 but it doesn’t have a blade guard which means you’ll spend more time changing blades and it has an all-metal body.

DeWalt’s DW718K compact reciprocating saw is their most affordable tool in this category, with an MSRP of $59. It lacks some features found on other models like variable-speed or brushless motors, so if these are important to you we recommend one of our higher-rated products instead. The LED light system sounds pretty cool though!

Does This Product Come With A Warranty?

Yes, the DWS709 comes with DeWalt’s standard three-year limited warranty that applies to all their power tools.

Is This Product Worth The Price?

The DWS709 is on sale for $179, which makes it one of our best-selling reciprocating saws and a great value at that price point.

This model also has an ergonomic design with soft grip handles so you can work comfortably through long jobs without fatigue setting in or ever needing to take a break (a relief after using some other models!).

Overall we would recommend this tool if you’re looking for something lightweight but powerful enough to get most tasks done around your home or small business!

Where Is Dewalt Dws709 Made?

DWS709 is made in the USA with a high-quality design and construction, which makes it our top pick for reciprocating saws because they are designed to last.

What Is Dewalt Xps Technology?

XPS technology, or Xtreme Protection System, is designed to protect the tool from dust and debris that would otherwise cause damage. It’s a patented design for DeWalt tools (though other brands have started using it) which makes them our go-to choice when we’re looking for portable power tools built to last!

Safety Tips

  • Be sure to wear protective gear when using any power tool, such as gloves and safety glasses.
  • Keep the blade guard on at all times to protect you from accidental contact with the saw chain or flying particles of wood.
  • Always use a push stick for starting, stopping, or reversing your cut-off so that you don’t have an accident while holding it in your hand. Keep both hands away from the blades during operation!
  • If anything starts to feel wrong (i.e., too hot), unplug immediately and inspect before continuing operation.
  • Finally, always operate this type of saw with a firm grip, never allow it to move uncontrolled once activated because there is no way to stop it quickly if necessary!


in conclusion, the DeWalt DWS709 is a great tool for any homeowner or carpenter, and there are many ways it can be used. I hope this review has answered your question of whether to buy this saw!