7 Best Metal Chop Saw 2023 Buying Guide

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A good metal chop saw is an excellent tool than a circular saw with a rotating arm mounted on a solid surface. These tools use a motorized engine for precisely “falling” cuts on hard and soft materials, including metal, wood, etc.

A metal chop saw is a durable power tool that is versatile in terms of cutting metal and wood. It is essential to note the main purpose of buying a chopping saw. It can be used for metalworking projects and wood projects, for instance. The saw can also be used to cut different materials of both metal and wood.

Here in this review, we will show you what makes a chop metal saw good and the factors to consider when buying it. Let start this review with a comparison table of the 7 best metal chop saw.

Our Favorite Picks

DEWALT Metal Cutting

DEWALT Metal Cutting Saw, 14-Inch (DW872), yellow and black


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55 Ibs




MK Morse CSM9NXTB 9-Inch Metal Cutting Circular Saw


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33.8 Ibs



DEWALT Portable

DEWALT Portable Band Saw, Deep Cut, 10 Amp, 5-Inch, Corded (DWM120K), Yellow


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15 Ibs



Makita Metal

Makita 4131 7-1/4' Metal Cutting Saw


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11.22 Ibs



DEWALT Reciprocating Saw

DEWALT Reciprocating Saw, 10-Amp (DWE304)


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8 Ibs



Makita LC1230

Makita LC1230 12' Metal Cutting Saw


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42.5 Ibs



Evolution Power Tools

Evolution Power Tools EVOSAW230 9-Inch Steel Cutting Circular Saw, Blue


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1 Ibs



The 7 Best Metal Chop Saw

1. DEWALT Metal Cutting Saw, 14-Inch


DEWALT Metal Cutting Saw, 14-Inch (DW872), yellow and black

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The DeWalt DW872 metal cutting saw is one of the most expensive tools, but it never disappoints due to its long-run usability and functionality. This metal chop saw is built with quality materials.

This workhorse finds its place in the building workshop with the best quality and industrial strength and is quickly transported for on-site applications.

It is a multi-cutter saw that is different from a traditional chop saw. This DW872 is built to cut various materials such as wood, plastic, and other materials.

This metal cutting saw has a lovely multi-cutter saw with tremendous strength and the exceptional speed of 4 horsepower.

DeWalt 14-inch metal chop saw is one of the largest saws in its class; deep cuts can be made up to 5 3/16 inches for a circular task and 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches for the rectangular task.

Furthermore, the unit features a sturdy 14-tooth carbide comb, much more durable than a regular sharpener, and much more extensive.

It is one of the best metal saw for a business owner or enthusiast designed to produce precise cuts that are great to the touch and with fantastic features.


  • Fantastic cutting pace
  • Specially designed carbide teeth
  • Ergonomically designed horizontal handle
  • Patented 45-grade fencing
  • 15 amp / 4 HP motor to increase performance and durability.


  • Costlier
  • Often flexes when materials clamped
  • Plastic blade guard

Our Verdict

DeWalt DW872 is a multi-cutter metal cutting machine that offers a wide range of cutting materials. This tool is suitable for both ferrous and non-ferrous materials and was built with a carbide blade that remains the depth of cut of the saw.

DeWalt offers a one-year free service contract and a one-year warranty for this product.

DEWALT Metal Cutting Saw, 14-Inch (DW872), yellow and black
  • Multi-Cutter Chop Saw offers versatility by cutting a wide variety of materials including ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Utilizing a carbide-tipped blade of the metal chop saw allows the depth-of-cut to remain constant throughout blade life
  • The metal cutting saw cuts 4-times faster than chop saws and 8-times faster than portable band saws in 2-inch x 2-inch x...
  • 14-inch, 66-tooth, carbide-tipped blade delivers a lower cost-per-cut compared to cutting with abrasive wheels

2. MK Morse CSM9NXTB 9-Inch Metal Cutting Circular Saw


MK Morse CSM9NXTB 9-Inch Metal Cutting Circular Saw

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The cumulative impact of CSM9NXTB on all work cuts is what prompts us to review this saw. It has a fast 2700 rpm acceleration and 11 amp motor for low speed and high torque. The blend of creativity strengthens the durability, versatility, and cutting character, and you get while using this saw is superb.

This power tool also has straight screws and an open hole that makes the intended metal object to be cut easier to position without falling. It is rapid and greatly metal cutting.

The best product is the all-time choice when dealing with metal and workplace devices, especially the one that will use to execute some critical projects. With the usage of the built blade for this metal saw you would get the best style at your comfort.

This saw was designed in light of the workers’ safety, mobility, and comfort. The high torque motor ensures that the cuts are perfect and smooth in all situations, offers laser guidance and visual clearance to ensure precision chopping and low speed.


  • Quality and durable, long blade
  • Metal chip collection features
  • Secure blade guard with Length adjuster
  • Safety Features included
  • Versatility with 27,000 RPM


  • Can’t be used with a diamond blade
  • Not suitable for square cut

Our Verdict

With MK Morse CSM9NXTB 9-Inch cutting metal would be faster, easier, and more accurate. This metal chop saw is a little pricey to pay, but it will fulfill all your needs with advanced features.

3. Dewalt Portable Band Saw


DEWALT Portable Band Saw, Deep Cut, 10 Amp, 5-Inch, Corded (DWM120K), Yellow

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You might tell we are DeWalt band saws fans. This robust saw provides a 5-inch depth drive by a 10A motor, ensuring flawless efficiency anytime you request assistance. You can set your custom speed to get the results you want and work at speeds between 100-350 square meters per minute.

The saw for rectangular bearings has a cutting range of 5 x 4 3/4 inches. It also provides a secure blade precision tracking setting that allows you to change the blade for longer life. Aside from ease of use, features such as ergonomic grip options, LED view lights, and built-in hanging hooks are also available.

For any serious worker, the DeWalt DWM120 K should be at the top of the list due to all features; it also encompasses a comfortable and reliable power tool. Nonetheless, the wide front handle makes it incredibly safe and minimizes the risk of users experiencing severe injury or exhaustion. However, it has more excellent cutting capability than most other portable band saws.

The variable-speed selector lets you cut quickly and accurately and is at your fingertips when using it. On the other hand, the saw is on the heavier edge sides and takes some time to get used to handling.


  • Controlled variable speed
  • The front handle has varying positions.
  • Included carrying case
  • Lower price than marks comparable


  • The case looks like a bargain
  • No trigger lock feature

Our Verdict

DEWALT Portable Band Saw is a tool made of quality and durable materials that tend the saw versatile. This model is one of the best metal chops saw with powerful motor features, variable speed control for the device, and application-specific cutting performance.

4. Makita Metal Cutting Saw


Makita 4131 7-1/4' Metal Cutting Saw

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Do you need well-made products that are easy to use, perform quality cuts, and offer optimum flexibility? Then this Makita Metal Cutting Saw is a perfect tool that provides those features.

It is made of durable materials that can withstand heavy use for a long time. And remember, it’s incredible that this device is lighter than its competition.

The Makita Metal Cutting Saw was built with a 13A amp, which is very good for producing speeds with no altitude of 3,500 rpm, which makes it more powerful than other choices available with impatience.

 Additionally, it is equipped with the CERMET protected cutting edge for cutting most metals without bumps or insignificant heat development with versatile cuts.

 It’s 3500 rpm, meaning that within a few seconds, you’ll get all your metal cutting activities done. Besides, it is an excellent tool when using it to handle thick steel, and it is also suitable for other materials, including pipes, taps, fittings, or plumbing.

 You can cut several metal objects with its blade without delay at a speed of no more than 3,500 rpm, thereby producing negligible sparks. Furthermore, thanks to the integrated chip, collector cleaning is simple.


  • Retractable blade guard
  • Enhanced blade alignment guide
  • Quality grip handles for steady cutting
  • High quality, Durable, Versatile metal saw
  • Lightweight with Overload switch


  • Retractable guard prevent blade eyesight clarity
  • Not cost-effective

Our Verdict

The Makita Metal Cutting Saw is a reliable power tool that provides clean, bubbling inserts. It is light and sturdy, and, given its high power, it is very functional.

Makita 4131 7-1/4" Metal Cutting Saw
  • Powerful 13.0 AMP motor cuts through various types of metal
  • Heavy duty blade cover provides increased chip protection
  • Virtually spark-free cuts
  • CERMET-tipped blades are made with a special Ceramic-Metal mixture that resists heat, which can shorten the life of...

5. DEWALT Reciprocating Saw


DEWALT Reciprocating Saw, 10-Amp (DWE304)

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 The DEWALT DWE304 is a fast and powerful reciprocating saw which durable and versatile does almost any job. The variable speed trigger enables the user to change the speed when using the saw. It also allowed for fast adjustments to ensure that the job is finished.

The four-blade positions are part of what makes this best metal cutting saw stand out. This means it can be placed not only vertically but also horizontally. This improves flexibility and makes it a tool you need to have around your workplace because it is durable for a variety of jobs.

It is a perfect tool for casual users and DIY enthusiasts as it is user friendly. It is easy to replace the blade with a keyless blade tool, although some users have reported breakage or tool life problems.

Some of the drawbacks of this tool are it is pretty bulky and issues of non-durable for a long time. It can be challenging to fit into smaller spaces when used with smaller hands, and may not be comfortable.


  • 4 clamp blade positions
  • Powerful engine for quick and easy task execution.
  • Easy replacement blade.
  • 10 amp for heavy-duty application
  • Very Comprehensible.


  • Small cord length
  • Blade not included

Our Verdict

This DEWALT Reciprocating Saw is an excellent metal chop saw for both professionals and beginners. It is designed with all features that simplify cutting metal materials. With its 10 amp and 4 blade clamp position, you can cut any direction quickly and easily.

If you have a heavy-duty task and are searching for a power tool to tackle the job, this Dewalt is a perfect tool to get it done easily.

DEWALT Reciprocating Saw, 10-Amp (DWE304)
  • Powerful 10 amp motor of the reciprocating saw is designed for heavy-duty applications
  • 4-position blade clamp allows for flush cutting and increased versatility
  • 0-2,800 SPM and 1-1/8-inch stroke length for fast and efficient cutting
  • Variable speed trigger allows user to instantly control speed

6. Makita LC1230 12″ Metal Cutting Saw


Makita LC1230 12' Metal Cutting Saw

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The Makita LC1230 is a 12-inch metal chopping saw built with a powerful 15 A motor and 1700 rpm cutting capability. This specially built saw is capable of cutting iron bars, metal pipes, tubes, and the most common building material.

This is a high-performance puzzle, which cuts bits of metal four times faster than an abrasive tool. The quick-release screw reduces the time needed for safe cutting to lock a piece of metal in place. When cutting objects from hardness a smooth, even cut is often accomplished with minimal vibration.

The integrated wrench allows for easy access to the clamp when removing the blades. Comes with a storage tray for quick disposal, to store cutting waste.

Its ergonomic D-grip comes with a two-finger trigger and a button lock. Improve the protection mechanism to fore stop accidental launches. This tool has excellent standard execution.

You can also get the miter cutting feature on the saw as it has a quick-closing guide that allows you to change the miter cutting from 0 to 450.

The foot-saw must remain stable for each right cut. Using aluminum cast in full size for the frame. This makes it compact and light, with excellent stability.

The saw has an angled scalp blade which ensures accurate cleaning whilst lasting 50 times longer than a grinder. This metal cutting saw allows you to cut at 900 from 4-1/2


  • Quick-release vise for secure material retention
  • Shaft lock for easy blade changes
  • Large cast aluminum base for stability
  • Shaving collection tray and Greater serviceability
  • Powerful with 15 amp motor


  • Extra materials for blade changes
  • Low chips collection

Our Verdict

This Makita is an Ideal metal saw for a range of metalworking applications. Because of its strength, efficiency, and capacity, this saw gets Amazon’s Choice for metal cutting chop saw. The advanced technologies and high quality are part of the company’s dedication to providing the customers with the best products.

This Makita is performing flawlessly and is a favorite among artisans around the world. It is a highly effective metal chop saw that is highly recommended compared to other saw brands on the market.

Makita LC1230 12" Metal Cutting Saw
  • Carbide-tipped blade lasts 50x longer than abrasive wheels; cuts clean, accurate and virtually burr-free
  • Quick release vise for secure material retention and fast, repeated cut-offs
  • Lock-off button for user convenience
  • Quick release support fence adjusts 0-45° for miter cutting

7. Evolution Power Tools EVOSAW230 9-Inch


Evolution Power Tools EVOSAW230 9-Inch Steel Cutting Circular Saw, Blue

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EVOSAW230 9 inch is one of the best metal chops saw available in the market. The saw is designed to perform challenging applications. It is a lightweight saw as it weighs 1 Ibs. This enables the tool easy mobility and durability that allows for productive work on all metal projects.

This circular saw is made of metal materials and makes use of 15 amps of powering its activities. The 2.7 hp engine is capable of producing 2700 rpm in speed. Without producing heat, its 48-tooth blade cuts through metal.

This Evolution saw works easily, and it will last a long time. Angle cuts can also be made, as the saw has an angle of 0 to 45 degrees. The waste collection system ensures that most of the chips generated can be retrieved from the saw and reduces clutter.

The device also has a safety switch designed to improve its reliability and ensure protection for users. You are assured the highest degree of accuracy, protection, and performance at work by using this saw.


  • Heavy-duty and durable cutting saw
  • Accuracy laser guide and chip collection system
  • Horizontal guided handle
  • Bevel and depth cut at 00-450 and 3 ¼ respectively


  • Not suitable for straight cutting

Our Verdict

This heavy-duty EVOSAW230 is an extremely compact tool. This cutting saw is excellent for various cutting tasks ranging from steel plate, box sections, scaffolding, cladding, and roofing. This is bestowed with safety switch features, auto-debris collection, etc.

Evolution Power Tools EVOSAW230 9-Inch Steel Cutting Circular Saw, Blue
  • Cuts mild steel clean without heat, burrs or coolant
  • 1750 watt/ 15 amp motor; extremely portable
  • 2700 RPM No load
  • Bevel tilt from 0-45

Buying Guide

A good metal chopping saw is an excellent investment, and we suggest you make the right choice. We’ve created a list of essential items to bear in mind when buying the best metal chop saw to help you simplify metal and other material projects.

 Cold Saw or Abrasive Saw

When it comes to a metal saw, there are two different options; you can get a crushing or cold saw. An abrasive saw works mostly as a grinder, while a cold saw works more like a saw that would be used to cut wood.

There is a range of advantages of a cold saw: it can make smooth and deep cuts, it does not overheat, and it does not produce sparks.

You can leave some more in the grinding nozzle if you’re using a saw, but you don’t have to do with a cold sow.

Although a cold saw offers many advantages, it’s also very costly, so you have to plan to use a saw enough to justify the price.


This is an essential factor because you want to make sure that you have a big enough saw to handle something you want to cut accurately.

The logical answer would be to buy the biggest saw you can find; the problem is that the bigger the saw, the higher the price will increase dramatically. With that said about saw, you’re not want to choose one smaller than 14 inches.


This played an essential role in saw effectiveness. The powerful the saw is, the easier it will be to engage different metal materials. The more important this is for all. Attention should be given not only to pure power but also to factors such as torque quantity and power smoothness.

Angles and Bevels

You’ll find that a tool that lets you cut corners and slopes will give you a lot of flexibility. Naturally, adding certain features raises costs. Many people would pick a cross-section saw capable of cutting corners but not the slope. When looking at this part of the saw, you should undoubtedly note how simple it is to change the angles and slopes.


It is especially crucial if you do a job that needs the saw to be moving a lot. Although a lighter saw is more comfortable to drive, care should be taken because its durability is affected as the saw is light. Almost everybody wants a lightweight saw, but strength and effectiveness should be a more significant concern.


The blade is the most feature that requires adequate consideration of purchasing metal chop saw for various tasks. Although, saw was a package with a blade during some package with a blade. Irrespective of either the saw was a package with a blade or not; the most important is to note the quality and durability of the compatible saw you’re choosing.


Checking the RPM is important as this determines how fast and efficient a tool is. The minimum velocity needed to apply metal cutting is 1300 rpm. You need a metal saw to polish the saw blades and can produce at least 3000 rpm.


Suppose you’d be working on projects involving cutting different kinds of metals. In that case, the edge of your metal cutting saw should be versatile enough to cut those varieties. A few models may have limited cutting limits, thus preventing you from cutting thicker metals.


Either you’re a professional, beginner, or DIY hobby, there will a time while you move a metal chop saw from your work place to another place either a quick or long time project. With this, one needs to consider buying a portable metal saw. Such models are equipped with a handle, which makes the saw easy to transport.

Easy Blade Changing

Also, pick a quality metal cut that allows fast and easy blade changes. If you’re a contractor, you may need to change the saw blade between current tasks properly. So, it is crucial to choose a tool that has an easy and quick blade-changing feature.

Safety Features

This feature is one of the most important features that require to check when buying power tools adequately. So make sure you purchase a metal saw that has excellent safety features. Any metal cutting saw that had fitted blade shielding and removal of a spark plug to avoid accidents. And using the metal saw ensure you wear protective gear.


Although almost all the metal cutting saw manufacturers offer a warranty on their product but their warranties range from one another, It is essential to check and be sure the product you are choosing is cover with at least a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Final Words

Here is the end of this review about the 7 best metal chop saws. Well, we’ve discussed the above saw on metal cutting. How helpful they are, but which one is ideal for you. How to use a saw for cutting metal makes your work easier. 7 different metal saw for your various metal cutting activities. The above-selected metal cutting saw is a valuable tool that will help you fulfill your cutting needs more efficiently and save time. Metal saws typically meet very different needs, with heavy and light tasks included.

With good metal, chop saw you’ll be able to complete all of your metal cutting work quickly. You don’t have to cut it with some other sharp element, or manually. Cutting a metal object can be achieved by putting it in the cutting saw. And your job is done. You can also cut the metal objects into shapes. The best metal cutting saw you need to buy for your job.